Swiss Air Force

2004, Homepage Stream

– action, Switzerland, d-beta, 30 min., 2004

Director: Thomas Rajman
Production: Federal Department Of Defence, Civil Protection And Sport DDPS / Swiss Air Force
Producer: Marc Meister
Cast: Swiss Army pilots

An awe-inspiring and informative insight into the Swiss Air Force. A film that takes the viewer all the way from the stratosphere and high over the mountain tops, to behind the scenes of daily Air Force operations featuring spectacular night trap maneuvers, air-to-air refueling of an F/A-18, night search and rescue operations on a glacier with the REGA and a Super-Puma helicopter equipped with an infrared camera..and finally a F/A-18 and MiG-29 engaging in maneuver over everlasting snows. For the first time on film, we become part of a dog fight over Swiss glaciers and permanent ice.

Certificate Of ‘Creative Excellence – US International Festival, Los Angeles 2004
Silver Globe Award 2004 – International World Media Festival in Hamburg
First Prize – 15th Rassegna Cinematografica Internazionale Eserciti e Popoli, Rome 2004