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ANUK  drama, Switzerland, s-16mm for cinemascope, 88 min., cinema release 2006

Director: Luke Gasser
Producer: Reinhard Steiner, Luke Gasser
Cast: Luke Gasser, Doro Pesch, Gerhard Halter, Marc Storache, Katy Winter, Stefan Eicher, u.v.a.

In England, an unknown cult is celebrated in Stonehenge, in Egypt, the construction work for the Cheops pyramid is just about to finish. And somewhere in the montain wastelands, Pe-Kai, an ageing warrior, is climbing the holy montain to celebrate the last initiation ceremony with his son Anuk.
It is the night before the last battle…Anuk and his people are in danger to be erased by the hostile Melek if he doesn’t take action…
In a time when history did not even have a name, a warrior is undertaking a dangerous journey to save his people and to find the love of his life.