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2014, Camera – Director, Documentaries, Homepage Stream

LEIDENSCHAFT POLO – documentary, 35mm-digital, 50 min., 2014/15 Director/DoP: Markus Huersch Producer: Alexandra Schild Production: Schild Productions „Polo ist als Sport im deutschsprachigen Raum noch weitgehend unbeachtet und in den Medien kaum präsent, ausser in Verbindung mit Klischees von Glamour und High Society oder aber mit Tierquälerei. Auch ich habe bis vor kurzem nicht gewusst, was den ältesten Teamsport der […]

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Doug Aitken

2012, Camera – Director, Documentaries, Homepage Stream

ALTERED EARTH – documentary, 35mm-digital, 50 min., 2012 Production: Tweaklab for Luma Foundation The multimedia work, which Doug Aitken describes as a 21st-century Earthwork, is “a series of moments and fragments of time focusing on the geography of the Camargue, which provides an almost holographic view of the physical landscape.”

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Tobago 1677

2013, Documentaries, Homepage Stream

TOBAGO 1677 – documentary, 35mm-digital, 90 min., 2013 Director: Rick Haupt Producer: Silvia Krüger Production: Ocean Discovery In 1676, on explicit orders of King Louis XIV, Vice Admiral Comte D’Estrees led a Fleet of 14 war ships to the West Indies to seek out and destroy all Dutch holdings and their Fleet. But besides the royal […]

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Oil&Gaz Pioneers

2015, Documentaries, Homepage Stream

OIL & GAZ PIONEERS – documentary, 35mm-digital, 55 min., 2015 Director: Rick Haupt Producer: Silvia Krüger Production: Ocean Discovery This is the story of oil and gas exploration in the Caribbean and the role played by Trinidad and Tobago in the world’s quest for “black gold” – oil – a commodity which today shapes our lives, rules our economies […]

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